3 Health Benefits of Fly Fishing

By flyfishing / January 26, 2017


It’s not just the adrenaline we get when we feel that fish tugging our line. It’s not just the travel perks it comes with. In fact, it goes beyond the gratification of catching fish. We love it because it does us good in many ways. Here are some of the health benefits fly fishing have given us. It reduces stress.

Harvard neurobiologists liken fly fishing to yoga thanks to the repetitive casting motions and contemplative state. It’s highly meditative and helps us find our silent center in the midst of all the stress we surround ourselves with. So we just don’t do it for fun. We do it because it helps us relax and see the world beyond or problems.

It decreases symptoms of PTSD

A study published by Rivers of Recovery found that fishing could dramatically lower the symptoms of PTSD and boost one’s mood. The study notes: “Participants reported a 32 percent reduction in guilt and a 43 percent decrease in feelings of hostility. The feeling of fear was also reduced by 30 percent, and sadness dropped by 36 percent.” Harvard neurologists support the study by saying that veterans have found solace in fishing.

It keeps you physically active

Let’s face it. Not all of us are up for a game of football or a session at the gym. However, that doesn’t mean fishing won’t do you any good. In fact, scientists find that fly fishing keeps you physically active and fit. Regular trips ensure your body is constantly moving, which is enough to provide multitudes of physical benefits.

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